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Stage / Studio Guitars:
BC Rich (neck-thru) NJ V - quilt trans red 1
(polished gold)

BC Rich (neck-thru) NJ V - quilt trans red 2 (brushed gold)
BC Rich (neck-thru) Dlx V - black w/ Abalone binding (burnt chrome Floyd Rose)
BC Rich (neck thru) Icon V

BC Rich (neck-thru) MK11 "Artist Special" Exotic Warlock (via Endorsement)
BC Rich (neck-thru) Warlock - quilt trans red
BC Rich Warlock Mk5 - black w/ white binding
(via Endorsement)
BC Rich Warlock NJ Speedloader - quilt trans blue
BC Rich Warlock Thinline Acoustic/Electric

BC Rich (80s) Platinum Warlock - ferrari red
BC Rich Warbeast Mk3 - black w/ red bevel
(via Endorsement)
BC Rich NJ Beast Speedloader - quilt trans red
BC Rich NJ Beast - black
BC Rich NJ Beast (Bass) - quilt trans red
BC Rich NJ Ironbird - black
BC Rich Platinum Virgin - Black
BC Rich Jr V - black
(NEVALRA Pre-Order Guitar Giveaway Contest w/ BCR)

Amps / Cabinets:
Randall SATAN
(via Endorsement)
Randall Ultimate Nullifier
Randall Nullifier 4x12 Cab - Celestion Greenbacks
Custom "Red Snakeskin" 2x12 Cab - Celestion Classic Lead  & Creamback
Vader 4x12 Cabinet - Eminence
Scott Eames Signature Custom Tour Cases
JOYO Jackman Bantamp Mini-Tube Amp

JOYO BantCab mini-Cab 8" Celestion

Cables / Pedals / Pickups / Effects / other:
Floyd Rose Original Trems

Stone Tone "Scott Eames Signature" Blocks

Scott Eames Signature Series "TERROR-Flex" Spectraflex Cables

Line 6 Helix

Line 6 Wireless System
MOOER "Wicked One Signature" Guitar Preset
MOOER GE300 Lite​ (x2)


MOOER Air P10 Wireless System
MOOER Baby-Bomb
MOOER Tone Capture Gtr

MOOER Groove Loop

MOOER PreAmp Cali-Dual
MOOER Free Step Wah/Volume
Scott Eames Signature InTune Custom Guitar Picks
Scott Eames Signature Stone Tone Blocks
EMG 81s Bridge
EMG 85s Neck
EMG Super77 RetroActives
EMG Fat55 RetroActives
EMG Het-Sets
KHDK Ghoul Screamer
Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings (10-46)
Ernie Ball Slinky Strings (10-46)
Shure "Blackout" SM58 Vocal Microphones

Hipshot Custom Open-Gear Tuners

Other Guitars:
Charvel 475 Soloist - flamed trans-red

Charvel 475 Soloist - flamed trans- blue

Jackson Rhoads Blue-Lightning Storm V

Jackson Warrior - black

Jackson Dinky Reverse - black

Jackson RRV Minion - neon green

Ibanez RG350SP3 Special - white/red/black

Ibanez RG - Satin Pewter
ESP LTD F-250 - black

ESP LTD (Bass) - flamed trans-black

Epiphone Studio Goth Les Paul - flat black

Epiphone Les Paul - dark wine red (stolen...)

Peavey Strat

Acoustic Dreadnought - black

Acoustic Dreadnought - blue

3/4 scale Classical Nylon String

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